Alim Jadavji British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreting

Alim is a BSL interpreter with extensive experience within Theatre and Media, among other areas. He asked us to create a logo that was bold yet professional. The resulting striking design in classy grey and purple was made in the shape of an ear, with a dot to represent the piercing Alim has in his own ear. In another interpretation, it is the aerial view of a human waving their hands, which is clearly what an interpreter does.


REDI helps organisations develop inclusive practices through consultancy and/or training. EduStart created the branding for them in the form of the logo, the organisation’s business cards and leaflets alongside marketing materials for a show that REDI’s owner, Cindy Williams-Findlay, is attending this May. Taking the concept of growth as a brand value, we conveyed this idea by adding leaves to the dot of the ‘i’ and making the letter look like a tree. This with the green colour, stressed human development as a brand value.

Surdus Communications Ltd

This business, set up by Alex Orlov’s brother Guy, offers BSL interpreters and other forms of communication support, and works exclusively with those receiving Deaf Students’ Allowance. As well as designing the organisation’s logo and coming up with the name (Surdus means deaf in Latin), we offered one-to-one marketing consultancy services, with a view to promoting the company to DSA assessment centres.

Jack’s Sign Language Interpreting Services

This.client who had a very clear idea of what they wanted from the outset, and so we followed his suggestions closely, as he wanted the logo he ordered to be quite artistic, with something handmade and Miro-style in the background, to convey a highly personal, unique brand. We completed the look with calm, blueish tints.

Employable Jobs Fair in Birmingham

In the autumn of 2017, Employable came to the Council House, Birmingham. It was a jobs fair with a difference, aimed at putting Deaf jobseekers, or those with any other form of disability, in touch with employers. Edustart worked proactively with multiple partners as a driving force behind this project, including Birmingham City Council, the Department for Work and Pensions and NHS agencies. It attracted a range of employers from a college to a supermarket to the Arts Council of England. We took on all branding activities for this event.

cSeeker Ltd

We were responsible for the branding for this Deaf communication support agency, which specialises in education, founded in 2014. It became apparent that this organisation needed to have a clear, focused and very specific message. That was reflected in the minimalist logo in regal purple, with a restrained sans serif typeface and the choice of name and strapline - Clear communication, clear education. At EduStart, we’re continuing to work on brand strategy for cSeeker to maximise its position in the marketplace.

Center for Independent Living

The Tel Aviv - Jaffa Center helps those with disabilities to live independently in the community, while providing information on the rights and services available to its clients. For them, our logo design stressed the brand’s freedom and independence, with a bird escaping from an egg. We were given a free creative rein on this project, which we appreciated. We also followed up the logo design with other aspects of branding, including leaflets in both English and Hebrew, and exhibition stands.

Plymouth Deaf Association

This local organisation supports Deaf people in Plymouth and across Devon and Cornwall. For their logo, the client was clear they didn’t want any hands or ears in the design, equally that they wanted something distinctive that set them apart from other Deaf associations. They also needed something clean that used the letters PDA .Our finished product has a green, geometric design inspired by the Devon flag. The tallness of the letters on the left reflects the Plymouth lighthouse.

Tan Deaf Relay

This Birmingham-based client is a freelance Deaf Relay Interpreter who works in police stations, courts and at mental health tribunals. Tanvir also offers BSL and Deaf Awareness training, a service he hopes to expand. For this logo, we created sound waves which are also designed to look like a conference room, or someone spreading their knowledge in waves.